How to find cheap multi flights that fit your schedule

Hi Prestotrip users,

I wanted to give you an update on new features we have added over the last month to help you find better and cheaper trips.

Feature spotlight: End dates and partially flexible dates.

While we found that many of you liked the idea of saving based on being flexible about dates, in many cases there were limits to how flexible one could be. For instance, you might have to return from a trip on a specific date, or might have to be in a particular city for specific dates for an event like a wedding.

We shipped two features this week to help you out for finding the best deals for these scenarios.
We'll pick the best routes and dates that stay within that range.

Specifying a hard return date:

You can now specify a hard end date for a trip, and we’ll give you the best options to accomplish that trip within that date range.

Partially flexible dates:

Now let’s consider a scenario where you have to say be in Rome on the 16th to 19th though are otherwise flexible about your dates. Select the Partially flexible option for Rome, and pick these dates. Now, you will get the best deals that ensure you’ll be in Rome during those days. 

Other feature updates:

  • Improved our route picking and date picking to lower prices by approximately 5%.
  • More suggested places: We now show you a lot more potential deals for what nearby cities you can visit for cheap.
  • You can use standard airport codes such as JFK, LHR, in addition to city names to enter your destinations.
  • Support for one way trips: Your start and end cities can now be different.
  • You can now plan trips further into the future.
  • Search results now give you a lot more detail, including if legs in a trip have nonstop flights.
  • Searching automatically searches nearby airports for cheaper deals.
  • Reduced maximum duration for surface transportation trips.

Are there any other problems that you have faced planning multi city trips that we can help you with? Please do email us and let us know. 

We hope you enjoy all the new features!